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About Me

Hi and welcome!  Thanks for checking out my blog.

My name is Allie.  I am a wife to an amazing husband, and mother to 4 wonderful kids!  I'm a stay at home mother with a few side gigs.  I am blessed with an amazing family and grateful for them, but also working hard to get our act together and striving for more.  More adventure, more peace, more organization, more happy, more memories together, more outdoors, more cozy indoor snuggles, more new activities to try, and less of the opposite.

I enjoy doing fun things with my family, I LOVE reading books and listening to audio books, I also love listening to podcasts. I love any opportunity to gain to new information and learn about new things!  I am a bit indoorsy, but learning to be more outdoorsy.  I am creative, and scatterbrained, and easily distracted by new ideas.  My husband calls me "90% Allie" because I tend to move on to the next big thing before finishing the last part of my previous endeavor!  Hopefully, this blog can help keep me accountable, but if not, I for one wont be the least bit concerned.


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