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Best Kindle Unlimited Books for Elementary and Middle School Kids

Kids Books on Kindle Unlimited

A few of my daughters received Kindle readers for Christmas this past year and have been really enjoying them!  We did the basic readers, not the tablet version for a multitude of reasons.  The main one being, of course, that these are intended for reading on only.  They have other devices to play games on, but we wanted these to just be for reading.

The fact that they are so small, lightweight, and back-lit has really been great for car rides, siblings sports practices or events that have wait time, waiting rooms at the doctor, etc.  I've loved the lighting feature for bed time since our daughters share a bedroom.  It really makes it easy for one daughter to stay up later and read if the other needs to fall asleep, without a disturbing lamp or booklight on.

We had an offer for a free month of Kindle Unlimited when purchasing the Kindles, but have since seen offers for a free YEAR of it if you purchase the Kids Kindle edition, and probably would go that route if we had a redo.

I scoured the Kindle Unlimited section on Amazon for books that we love, or are going to give a try for their Kindles, and hope it's helpful for you if you have little kindle reading kids as well! 

I do think that this is just a great list of books to enjoy for kids without a kindle as well, you'd just need to secure a copy at the library or order them off Amazon, at your local bookstore, or however you shop for books! 

The Sisters Grimm

1. The Sisters Grimm Series

This series is so much fun! My daughters absolutely love it.  It is considered a middle-level book for interest and reading ability.  My daughter is in 5th grade and zips through them with no issue.  If you are familiar with the Accelerated Reader (AR) book levels, most of the books fall between a 4.5 and 5.5 reading level, so use that to decide if it's in their range or not.  If you aren't familiar, it basically puts them in a 4th to 5th grade reading level.

Anne of Green Gables

2. Anne of Green Gables Graphic Novel

This one looks super cute.  We haven't read it yet, but I added it to their libraries on their Kindles for whenever they are ready for a new book.  I did an entire post on graphic novels (linked here), because my kids go absolutely bonkers for any graphic novel they can get their hands on, so I think they will enjoy this for sure.

Inside Out and Back Again

3. Inside Out & Back Again

We own this book in paperback.  It's really lovely and has won tons of awards.  It's written at a 4th or 5th grade reading level, and in verse form, but would be interesting for any middle level aged child. 

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

4. Harry Potter

Super exciting that the Harry Potter books are all included in Kindle Unlimited! There are a lot of good resources out there regarding when to start reading these books.  I think they are a fun read aloud, as well as reading once they hit the appropriate reading ability (they're considered like a 6th grade reading level, but keep in mind that children hit that at a variety of ages.)
Love That Dog

5. Love That Dog

This is a super fun looking book of poetry.  I can't wait to read through more of it! The premise is a boy learning to write poetry despite thinking it is "for girls" or "he can't do it" and ends up really finding his voice and enjoying it.  It looks like a cute read for kids and adults alike!

Ella Enchanted

6. Ella Enchanted

Such a fantastic book.  I'm so excited that this is included in Kindle Unlimited, and cannot wait for my girls to read it! It is considered a "4th grade" reading level, which makes it a great level for my 3rd and 5th grade daughters to both enjoy!  If you aren't familiar (where have you been!), it's a Newberry medal winning novel about a girl who was "gifted" obedience at her birth, but is too strong willed to accept it, and seeks out to break the curse.  It's a lovely fairy-tale and so much fun.

Laugh Out Loud Jokes

7. Laugh Out Loud Jokes

My kids love a good joke book!  Be prepared for a nonstop stream of jokes to come your way once they have this one, but so much fun.  It's also a good one to have on the Kindle to be able to pop in and read a few if they just have short snippets of time and don't want to get started on a chapter of a novel, or whatever.

Spiderwick Chronicles

8. Spiderwick Chronicles

We have not gotten into this fantasy series as of yet, but I do know there are movie adaptations as well.  It looks like a really fun series that my kids would enjoy, so we are planning to venture into it pretty soon! It's also written around a 4th grade reading level, which is really appropriate for a wide variety of elementary and middle level kids, in my opinion.
Sarah Plain and Tall

9. Sarah, Plain & Tall

This was such a staple required reading during my childhood! We were assigned it in elementary at some point, and it's a fun historical fiction read about a pioneering family for elementary aged kids.  I think my 3rd and 5th grader would thoroughly enjoy it, as they love this type of setting for stories.

Riddle Book

10. Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids

This is another one of those fun, family activity books that we just love around here.  My kids are so happy to have something like this to ask us about, and it's a fun way to have something to do with your kids when you have a few minutes to kill, or around the dinner table, or any time you just need a fun activity to engage with your kids.

There a a lot of kid books to choose from on Kindle Unlimited, and browsing through the list can take an eternity!  Hopefully this gives you a few to choose from without spending countless hours clicking through Amazon!

I may update with more titles as we sift through them all! Happy reading!

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