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Gift Ideas for Teen Girls (and some tweens too!)

Teenage Girl Gift Guide

Being a mom is hard. Being a mom of a teen girl is VERY hard at times... but SHOPPING for teen girls can be down right difficult. I'm sharing some things that my very own teenaged daughter has loved as a gift, or is currently adding to her Amazon wish list as we speak, in hopes that it helps one of you shopping for one of the most difficult gift-giving categories around.... the TEENAGED GIRL.

1.) Bullet Journal - I don't know about the teens you know, but my daughter is super into this concept. If you aren't familiar, type "bullet journal" or the trendier "bujo" into your Pinterest search and prepare to be amazing at all the creative ways people are using these for schedules, lists, documenting, journaling, etc.

Bullet Journal

Really, all they need to get started is a dotted journal, and some fun pens, highlighters, and markers! Linking a few favorites below!

Micron PensEraseable Markers

Small HighlightersMarkers

2.) LED Lights - These are not the most attractive room decor, in my opinion, but MAN my daughter loves them.  She's constantly changing the colors and doing whatever else with the remote.  They aren't too spendy, and they are bound to be a big hit with any teen or tween. 

LED Lights

3.) Vera Bradley - So many teens totally love these cute, colorful, patterned items! My daughter has this cute lanyard that she uses to hold all of her money, IDs, etc, and is currently requesting a makeup bag and backpack as well!

Makeup Bag

LanyardVera Bradley Printed Backpack

4.) Video Gaming Accessories - Video game controllers come in so many cute colors these days! My daughter has this cute teal one for Xbox, and is currently requesting this cute headset to go with it.

Xbox HeadsetBlue Xbox Controller
Grey and Teal Xbox Controller

5.) Wall Tapestry - These are all the rage for teen bedrooms, it seems, and they come in so many colors and patterns - plus, they are pretty inexpensive on Amazon!

Wall TapestryYellow Wall Tapestry

6.) Cozy Blanket - My daughter has been begging for one of these chunky knit blankets, but in previous years she has been super excited for any cute, snuggly blanket! 

Big Knit BlanketSweater Blanket

7.) Curling Wand - My daughter really only curls her hair for special events, but loves this curling wand when she does!

Pink Curling Wand

8.) Hoodies - Specifically, North Face, Nike, Adidas are what my daughter is requesting this year.

North Face Sweatshirt

Adidas Sweatshirt

9.) Tall Socks - To wear with their sandals? This one goes way over my head, but apparently it's a thing?

Nike Tall Socks

10.) Phone Case/Airpod Case - We love these silicone covers for phones and airpods.  Marble pattern is always a hit with the teens I know, but there are so many cute ones to suit every teen.  I'm hoping to get one of these charging phone cases for my daughter this year possibly.... her phone is always running low!  Also, obviously, this is a BIG gift, but any teen would be pretty amped to get AirPods for a gift if they didn't currently own them!

AirPod CaseSilicone Phone Case

Marble Air Pod Case

11.) Projector - this cute little projector can plug into a laptop and project a movie or tv show on the wall/ceiling. Super fun!

Mini Projector

12.) Joggers - again, Nike was the specific request from my teen. There are some cute ones in other brands as well!

Champion JoggersNike Joggers

13.) Letter Board - Display a cute quote, bible verse, or reminder!

Letter Board

14.) Nail Salon Gift Card - or these super cool Nail Dashes to do an at-home manicure!

Fake Nails Manicure

15.) Amazon Alexa - We got these Echo Dots on sale last year for multiple rooms in the house.  Now, there are super cool new ones with clocks and everything.  We use them for alarm clocks, dance parties, audio books/bedtime music, weather, and most importantly, as an intercom system to let the kids know when dinner is ready, or it's time to leave, etc.  It's been super fun and I highly recommend!

Alexa Echo DotAlexa Echo

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