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10 Things my Kids are Loving Right Now

I don't know about your kids, but my kids go through definite phases where a few things are all the rage, and it lasts a while until it's kind of old news and a new thing that they love takes over.  It's not always items, it's sometimes just the shows they love, the things they race home to start playing, the items they want to give all of their friends for birthday party gifts, whatever.

So, I thought it might be fun to put together a list from time to time on the current hits and see how they all change.  I linked all the items as well, hope that helps!

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I always wonder if these are universal loves, and that a ton of kids are into these at the moment, or if it is just my kids.  Obviously all kids are different and have lots of different interests, but I bet some of these things span lots of different ages, locations, etc.

1.) Elephant and Piggie - My 7 year old is OBSESSED with these books, for like a year now!  She recently received more books plus a set of Elephant and Piggie bookends for Christmas, and she's been reading and rereading these nonstop!

2.) Babysitter's Club Graphic Novels - On the other hand, my (almost) 10 and (newly) 14 year olds can't get enough of these books that they received for Christmas.  My 10 year old raced through 4 books in the blink of an eye, and I can't get her to put them down to do ANYTHING.  Every time I look she's got her face deep into one of these books.  I was a big fan of the original babysitters club books, so I think it's super fun, and quite often find myself picking up her book after she sets it down and getting distracted reading through it as quickly as I can!

3.) Miraculous Ladybug on Netflix - We recently discovered this show and love it!  The kids are all super into it and end up acting out that they are the superheroes long after the show is turned off.  As a bonus, my husband and I enjoy this one too, so we are more than happy to snuggle up and watch it with them - which is always such an awesome find with kids' shows.

4.)  Alexa and Katie - This is the other Netflix show that my kids are loving, as Netflix is our primary means of watching TV in our house.  Again, this is one that my husband and I enjoy watching with them - I swear I'd be tempted to choose to watch this on my own as well!  It's also nice because it appeals to our oldest daughter, and the other girls love feeling like they are watching a more grown-up show due to the fact that it's not animated.

5.)  Squishmallows - Holy Moly!  My kids now have 3 different sizes of these guys, in a variety of animals, and they all love them.  It's awesome when you find an item that spans the ages from 2 year )ld boy to 14 year old girl!  My kids even opted to pool their money to purchase a multi-pack of the small size Squishmallows at Costco and split them up amongst themselves.  They've used the giant ones as pillows on the couch and on a recent car trip, as well as in their beds!  They are super soft and squishy, and super adorable.

6.)  Perler Beads - My girls have been crafting hard with these little guys, and I'd definitely say this is the most I've used my iron since I've owned it!  They have been making little trinkets for us parents, each other, grandparents for Christmas, you name it!  It's super fun to see how creative they get too, using the standard circle, heart, and star shaped boards to make completely different shapes on!

7.) Picasso Magnetic Tiles - Another Christmas gift well received.  I love anything that my whole family can sit down and play with at once, and these are a prime example!  We have such a broad age range, from 14 to 2, and this is the type of toy that my bigger girls love playing with our little boy, and we love playing too! I know I'm terrible at any type of make-believe, but I can sit and goof around with these as long as the kids want me to!

8.)  Playing School - Does anyone else find this kind of funny.... my kids race home from a long day at school to dash into their bedroom and start playing SCHOOL!?  What gives?  They bring home old worksheets and set up a little dry erase board or Ipad as the white board or smart board, and team teach a little group of dolls each day!  This has been their favorite thing to do for months now!  I even gave them an extra notepad of absence slips from their school, so they can fill out notes if their students are "getting picked up early for an appointment," or anything like that!

9.)  All the Songs From The Greatest Showman - Wowza.  My kids LOOOOOVE this movie, and belt out every word to every song at any chance they get, complete with leaps from the sofa and twists and turns through the kitchen.  They are always asking to listen to the soundtrack or crank it up in the car when any of them come on the radio.

10.)  BOLD - This is such a fun card game!  Again, not something that my 2 year old is into, but the bigger kids absolutely love it, and my hubby and I have fun playing with them too!  Think of the game of Memory, but more fun.  It's kind of the amped up version of that.  I highly recommend it, and it is probably appropriate enough for someone younger too, maybe 5? 4 with a little guidance?  We've owned it since last Christmas actually, so just over a year, and it's been in constant rotation ever since.

Are any of these popular at your house?  What are your kids into right now?  Are there any super cool things we should be checking into?

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