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Easter Dress Ideas: Shopping for my Girls!

We typically buy some type of new Easter dress for the girls each year.  When looking for a dress to wear for Easter, we aren't the type to buy the more fancy, large, fluffy style of Easter dresses.  I just don't like to buy a dress that they would never wear again, because honestly, we just don't have occasions that call for something so dressy.  Also, our Easter celebrations are hardly formal enough to require it!  We need a dress that allows for them to look nice at church and brunch, but then run around like crazy, inside and outside, for their annual Easter egg hunt at my parents' home.  Also, we live in Minnesota, and the weather at that time is so unpredictable.  So often, they end up with sweaters, tights or leggings, and sometimes even coats, hats and gloves paired with them!

I recently took the girls shopping at the mall, per their request for a fun thing to do on a Saturday, and spotted a few good options for their Easter dresses, that will also work well throughout the Spring and Summer for any occasion that pops up.  I'll share those first, and later this week I'll do a round up of options I've found while online shopping for myself- because let's be honest, I did not get a chance to browse for myself very much at the mall with 4 children.  

As a family, we also need something nice looking to wear to my youngest daughter's First Communion celebration this year, which is shortly after Easter, so these outfits will all be doing double duty! As a reminder, my girls are 7, 10, and 14.

*None of these are affiliate or sponsored links, I just wanted to share what I'm shopping for.

1.) This lemon dress - I'm such a sucker for anything with lemons on it.  I LOVE this dress, and I'm hoping I can convince one of my gals to give it a whirl.  It has the smocked top, which is adorable, and I love the ruffled edge.

2.) This eyelet number - Okay, I'm also a sucker for eyelet.  On myself, on the kids, you name it!  This one is so sweet, and so Easter-like.  I love that it's longer, which definitely makes it easier for church and for all the playing without accidentally showing their undies.

3.) This rainbow dress with the lacy overlay- This feels super spring-y to me, and quite honestly, the rainbow colors just appeal to my younger girls.  It's so nice when a dress is a win-win for both of us, because that doesn't always happen!  We seem to have very different tastes sometimes, in what I think is adorable, and what really appeals to their own "style" or whatever.  This one would keep us all happy.

4.) This floral dress- I love this floral dress from Old Navy.  My favorite colors, and the ones I feel work best for Easter and spring are the cream floral, the green floral, and the yellow stripe!  I love the longer sleeves, it feels more weather appropriate for us, and the jersey material makes it comfy to wear all day and run around, while still looking nice enough for our church celebrations in the morning!

5.) Another floral dress from Old Navy! - This one appears to have the same green floral pattern as the one above, and I also love the blue floral option.  So pretty!  It also has the smocked top, which I think is so, so sweet for Spring.

5.) This jumpsuit - This jumpsuit was adorable!! The sizing wasn't quite right for my oldest daughter (14), who is desperately looking for a jumpsuit rather than a dress this year. But it would be adorable for anyone who is truly still fitting into the girls' department.

She is in a tough place, size-wise, because she is kind of on the line between an XL in the girls' department and an XS in the juniors.  It comes in handy because she has twice the options as the other girls, but with jumpsuits it seems especially tricky- it needs to be long enough in the torso, but narrow enough for her tiny self!  I think the solution may be to look at a store with a true "juniors" department- I'm thinking Kohls?  An XS womens size at Old Navy was much too large on her. Otherwise, maybe just trying on quite a few at a few different stores and hoping something fits appropriately! Target, Justice, Kohls, all had a few promising options online. 

Wish us luck!  I'd love some advice if anyone has found some great jumpsuits for their teen?!  Leave some ideas in the comments please!

There really were so many other cute options, but for our weather, felt more appropriate in the summer.  I may do another round up of summer dresses for our girls, because they love a good summer dress- and there are so many cute ones that work well for playing in as well.  More to come on that!

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