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March Mini Book Reviews

I read some super great books last month, yet again!  I really haven't been disappointed in any recently. 

We had quite the library haul last time, including some super fun reads for all the kids, and a few cookbooks/food related books I browsed through!  It's about time to head back and restock, and I'm planning to share a few of the fun ones my kids have been devouring as well lately (in another post)!

Here's what I managed to get through in March- it has been a busy year so far, so getting through even a few a month feels like an accomplishment at this point!

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1.) Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis- I listed to this one on Audible.  I have to mention, I preordered it, and loved waking up to a new book all ready to go in my Audible library on the day it came out!  It felt like such a fun surprise/gift, that I will definitely be preordering other books for this sole purpose!  Aside from that, the book itself was great!  I enjoyed her first one, Girl Wash Your Face, and this was a great listen as well.  I think audio books is key for me with these types of books, because I find it motivational to listen to someone telling me to get my act together and that I can do great things.  It just feels like.. direct and personal I guess?! Plus, I could listen while I was doing things, which made me motivated to do more things, and I really got some stuff done thanks to this book.  I think both books are something I would go back and listen to again, when I need another boost of positive thinking and motivation, so I'm happy to own them both. 

2.) The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt - I started this book, and then put it down for a week or so when another book came into the library.  I don't typically do that, but the beginning of this one just wasn't reeling me in quite yet.  HOWEVER- I am super glad I picked it back up, because I ended up LOVING it. The main premise is a middle school aged boy who stays with his teacher alone on Wednesday afternoons, because the rest of his classmates go to a religion class at either the Jewish temple or the Catholic church, but because he is neither, he stays in class.  It's also set during the Vietnam war.  The situations he gets into and the ideas in his head about his teacher "hating" him and all sorts of other things are super funny, and the book is just so enjoyable.  Go read it!  I highly recommend! This was a recommendation from Janssen at Everyday Reading- I'm pretty sure she claims it as one of her favorite books of all time! She has so many good ones recommended that I haven't read before, and after reading a few of her faves (see the next book on my list as well), and loving them myself, I'm willing to try a few more she recommends!  We must have a very similar reading style, which is so helpful to find in another person- so it's more likely that other books she recommends will be to my taste as well! 

3.) The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen - This was the first book I've read by this author.  She seems to write YA books mainly?  I love a good YA book (see the book before this one.. ) so this was right up my alley!  The book is about a teenage girl grieving her father's death, a "perfect" boyfriend who is away for the summer, and a new group that she meets during her summer job.  She goes through things with friends, family, and relationships, and it's all just a great book.  Honestly, I stayed up late and read the whole thing in one day because I just couldn't find a place to stop and put it down.  I was so eager to get through all of it and I loved it.  Hoping to check into a few more books by this author and see if they're all this good!

4.) Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs by Heather Lende - I figured since I had read her other two books, I might as well read the third and finish them all!  I also tend to place holds at the library based on authors when I'm not sure what to read next, so these ones came in back to back.  (I did a mini review of another one of her books last month in my February Mini Reviews.)  This one was good as well, it's about a time in her life that she is recovering from a terrible accident and the loss of her mother.  It includes more fun tales of life in small-town Alaska, which I love, and get me by until I can finally travel to Alaska for myself!  I found this one a little bit harder to follow- it just seemed to jump around a little more, but it makes sense that this is just how she was feeling during all of these big changes and events that are hard to go through.  Still a good read, and I still recommend it!

I have started a few for April that I can't wait to tell you more about!  I'm listening to Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin (who can't make a bad thing, I swear), and I'm reading The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan and loving it so far!  I need to find a good fiction read to get started on!  Any recommendations for me?  I'll have to go to my Pinterest lists and pick a few- I know I have about a thousand that I've told myself to remember to add to my holds list at the library!

Also, I listen to my audio books on Audible, and have a code for a Free 30 day trial, with 2 free audio books!  If you want to give it a try- here's the code.

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